Started out in 2013, the name of the project comes from the Portuguese word “património” (= heritage) with the junction of the acronym SIG (Geographical Information System) which tells exactly its purpose. PATRISIG is a heritage disclosure tool that can be used on a personal computer, tablet, smartphone or any other electronic device that can read geographical coordinates.

Specifically speaking, the aim of the project is to provide for targeted audiences all the information related to immaterial heritage, which is to say, all cultural achievements concerning music, literature, history and ethnography. This last subject has provided one of the most relevant scientific resources during the course of the project and under its premisses was possible to produce innovative information concerning the way how the knowledge of local heritage was until then made available.

As a result of the exhaustive historical bibliographical research, aside with summary surveys collected in the field, PATRISIG provides thirty-five different routes, along several rural areas in Madeira. This innovative approach allows to show a new vision concerning heritage in Madeira and the way how it is experienced. The theme selection in each route has enforced the goals originally drawn. Among the thirty-five routes users are shown Royal Paths as well as other secondary footpaths, economic activities, such as groceries, places and infrastructures of architectonic interest, cultural associations, paths that used to be important regarding social and economics in Madeira, areas or constructions that are intimately related to relevant Portuguese historical moments such as the area formed by the valley of Porto Novo and its small fort on the top where an important battle occurred between Absoutists and Liberals during the Portuguese civil war in the 18th century. This area is also referred to in the route of Gaula concerning its historic and traditional economic activities, some aspects that are many times unknown from the general population.

Highlight to the fact that the proximity approach given by the use of ethnographic methods has allowed to evidence in the field all mentioned facts, something in which PATRISIG also had an innovative action when regarding other tourist information digital platforms. Being so, PATRISIG routes are a tool to be used by locals concerning the disclosure and approach to their ethnography and heritage, but beyond this fact, it can be used to improve the tourist offer in Madeira.

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