Produced by APCA since 2004 and from 2008 in partnership with Casa das Mudas Arts Centre, Estalagem da Ponta do Sol and the agency Digital in Berlin, its quality and programme consistency aside with a complementary leisure offer have made of MADEIRADiG one of the main references within experimental electronic music festivals both in Europe and around the world.

The positive effects of the festival can be observed both in what concerns its contribute in developing the local creative and cultural sector, which is relevant in the context of contemporary economies, and with its continued growth as an event that reinforces the local tourist offer. Concerning the effects of the festival among the first mentioned group, highlight to the international cooperations involving locals Hugo Olim and Jerome Faria as well as workshops and art exhibitions with special emphasis on local artists Carlos Caires, Carlos Valente, Pedro Clode and Vitor Magalhães plus adding the fact that the musical special features in this festival are a real challenge for local sound technicians and producers.

Now looking into the effects in the tourism sector, these can be observed both in directly and indirectly. Directly by creating jobs and having effects on economic local tissues as a result of the affluence of local and foreign people who compose the festival audience and indirectly regarding the effects that the international expression of this event have concerning the promotion of Madeira as a excellence tourism destination through all the exposition it has on the international press. In the same way can be mentioned some foreign artists works such as Pierce Warnecke and the partnership between Simon Wetham and Hugo Olim and that were produced and edited in Madeira under APCA's label.

In short, from MADEIRADig, we highlight some positive aspects for local society such as its contribution towards a cultural transformation; the enhancement of Madeira as a tourism destination into main European markets; its economical impact into local economy, especially in Calheta e Ponta do Sol, where festival activities happen and mostly because it happens in the first week of December, which is a tourism low season; the increase of the cultural tourism cluster, positioning Madeira at that level; and the international promotion achieved by the festival's media impact.

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