At the dawn of the XXI Century, and at the time of the knowledge society, the project APRENDER MADEIRA has been researching and updating the acknowledgement of the History and Cultural heritage of Madeira, making it available on a multimedia online platform.

Inserted in the wider context of the island cultures, this project aims to spread around the world, both in Portuguese and other widely used languages (such as English and Spanish), all the aspects that have distinguished Madeira on the levels of human creation and have made this a geographical, physical and human interesting place regarding the understanding of both Portuguese and international History.

Subscribing all scholars who have researched and written about Madeira, particularly Fernando Augusto da Silva, Carlos Azevedo Menezes and Eduardo C. Pereira, whose Elucidário Madeirense and Ilhas de Zargo are truly reference works, APCA has been updating and spreading on a contemporary perspective directed contents to a diversified targeted public.

This option aside of the scientific credibility assured by Professor Dr José Eduardo Franco, by the group of theme coordinators, partner universities – which we list below – researchers e by the participation of the whole community.

Scientific Coordination:
Prof. Dr. José Eduardo Franco

Theme Coordinators:
Prof. Dr. Nelson Veríssimo
Prof. Dr. Rui Carita
Prof.ª Dr.ª Luísa Paulineli
Dr. Eduardo Jesus
Prof. Drª Ana Cristina Trindade
Dr. Jorge Jardim Gonçalves
Profª Drª Aline Maria Pinguinha França Bazenga
Drº António Carlos Jardim Valente
Profª Drª Custódia Drumond
Profª Drª Maria Isabel da Câmara Santa Clara Gomes Pestana
Profª Drª Luísa Soares
Prof. Dr. Paulo Miguel Rodrigues
Prof. Dr. Miguel Pinto da Silva Menezes de Sequeira
Profª Drª Teresa Maria de Moura Portugal Norton Dias
Prof. Dr. Frank Thomas Ussner Dellinger
Prof. Dr. Manuel Saturino da Costa Gomes
Prof. Dr. Agostinho Jardim Gonçalves
Prof. Dr. Thierry Proença dos Santos
Prof. Dr. Alberto Vieira
Profª Drª Ana Rita Mendes Londral Gamboa
Prof. Dr. José Renato Gonçalves
Prof. Dr. José Manuel Paquete de Oliveira
Prof. Dr. Jacinto Jardim
Prof. Dr. Jorge Freitas Branco

Institutional Partners:
Direcção Regional da Cultura (Governo Regional da Madeira)
Universidade da Madeira
Universidade de Lisboa / CLEPUL
Oxford University
Universidade de Vechta (Alemanha)
Universidade de Chemnitz
Brown University
Universidade de Alcalá (Espanha)
Universidade da Costa Rica
Universidade Patheon-Assas (França/paris)
Universidade Santiago de Compostela
Universidade de Varsóvia (Polónia)
Universidade de Viterbo (Itália)
Instituto Açoreano de Cultura
Observatório da Língua Portuguesa
Associação Portuguesa de Tradutores

In short, using its online platform, the project APRENDER MADEIRA will allow a permanent update of the knowledge about Madeira and about the History of the island and its habitants since 600 years ago; it will correspond to a reliable and accurate historical research involving the local scientific community and many respected national and international entities and researchers; it will definitely contribute to make universally available a whole roll of accurate and updated information about Madeira; It will contribute adding value to local culture as a critical defining factor that might help Madeira to establish within the context of the international competition concerning regions and countries.

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